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Free 3-K/Pre-K Enrollment is Now Open!

We are now accepting enrollment for Pre-K for children born in 2019
and 3-K for children born in 2020.
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Happy Parents!

Daniel’s Parent

I am very glad that I found Rainbow CDC through word of mouth. The teachers are very caring, loving, and devoted. They are also very experienced in teaching and caring for my Daniel. I see my son thriving in the program. Their curriculum is very well-structured and each activity is carefully designed to keep children engaged and maximize their potential. Even on the 1st day when my son arrived at the daycare, I already noticed how wonderful the teachers are. At 13th months, my son still couldn’t walk. But within the first week at Rainbow he learned to walk with the teacher’s guidance and encouragement. I was so thrilled to see him finally walking. Thank you Rainbow for making my son so happy and helping him grow.

Winter’s Parent

Rainbow Childcare is a great school for helping children grow. The teachers & staff are very attentive, friendly, and organized. Since my daughter has been enrolled, she has learned and grown so much as a toddler. For all working moms with a busy schedule like myself, it is always hard to make sure your child reaches all their milestones. The teachers and staff members in this school have helped my daughter reach all her milestones and more. Their days are filled with nutritious meals, reading time, music time, playing time, and more. I am so grateful for this school and would recommend all parents to enroll their children.

Austin’s Parent

Rainbow is wonderful! The school has a great nurturing culture and compassion that is visible in our son a little more everyday. His teachers are truly wonderful. They’re attentive and empathetic, and they teach so much valuable knowledge to our child. I couldn’t ask for a better staff and environment for our son… simply amazing!

Zoe’s Parent

My first experience with the Rainbow school was in 2013 with my daughter (18 months old at the time). As a first time parent I was nervous and paranoid about leaving my child with strangers. By the time Zoe was 5, the staff and the administration at the school had become like family to us. Zoe always came home happy, smiling, and with an expanded vocabulary that amazed everyone. Zoe started at Rainbow barely speaking a few words (being exposed to French and English at home, most bilingual children speak later). By the time she turned 2 her vocabulary in English had developed immensely and her grasp of Mandarin Chinese was amazing. It was not only my child’s doing but the teachers helped bring that out of her. When I had my son in 2017, I already knew where he was going when he turned 2… RAINBOW!!! He stared in 2019 and every morning he is so excited to go see his teachers.

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