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Stay Connected

We understand that you don’t want to miss the time you could have spent with your child when you are away. Therefore, we have made it a priority to help you stay connected with us during the day. In most of our centers, we use a mobile app to make sure you are getting real-time photos and updates about your child.

The mobile app will allow you to:
– get real time updates about your child’s day (ex. diaper changing schedule, feeding schedule, etc)
– send real time messages to your child’s teachers
– receive photos or videos of your child
– receive school event updates and reminders

Each center also maintains its social media sites to keep parents updated. You may inquire with each individual center.


Your child’s safety is our number one concern. Technology has been making our centers more secure. All our centers require parents and all authorized pick up persons to check in and check out electronically (with authorized codes or unique fingerprints). All our exit doors are equipped with electronic buzzers which will sound if a person has exited the building.

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