Welcome to the Rainbow family!


All our programs provide free & nutritious breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner daily!

Most of our centers offer both English and Chinese instruction throughout the day.

INFANTS (3 months to 12 months)
Long Island City center only.

First year of your child’s life is a critical time for your child’s development. We are focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged and feeling secured by personalize care for your child based on his or her unique routine for eating, sleeping, and any special attention your child requires.

Long before they understand the words and pictures, infants benefit from the joy of sharing a book in the arms of a caring adult. Our infant room is filled with books, blocks, and toys to encourage discovery and awareness. Our program is also focused on developing large and small motor skills for young babies including reaching, grasping, kicking, holding, pulling and standing, creeping and crawling in, out, over, under.

Growth and developmental milestones are shared with parents and recorded on a daily basis.

Fresh Meadows & Long Island City centers only.

We have one of best toddler programs in Queens! As your child becomes more mobile and as her language skills improve, we have added tons of fun learning activities into your child’s schedule. As a toddler, your child is engaged with songs, fingerplays, and exciting games which encourage learning and cooperation. As her fine- and gross-motor skills develop, she learns how to feed herself, put on her shoes and clothes, hold a crayon, and paint with a brush. Don’t be surprised when your child start to recognize colors, shapes, and numbers at this young age!


As your child acquires many new fine- and gross-motor skills, she can manipulate objects with more purpose. Our classroom is filled with manipulative toys, blocks, and puzzles for your child to build and create new objects, sort and match new materials and fit things together, and arrange them in different patterns and designs. The purpose of these activities is to foster your child’s creativity and help develop her concentration and critical thinking skills.

Books have become an important part of the classroom. With so many books to touch, read, and listen to, your child will quickly learn to love books. Our teachers encourage reading by bringing stories to life through dramatic reading and interactive questions, which make the experience that much more special for every child.

Our daily schedule also incorporates visual arts, music, dance and movement, and drama.


Our goal for this program is to fully prepare your child for kindergarten. More concepts of mathematics are introduced in this classroom, so not only will your child learn how to count double- and even triple-digit numbers, she will also learn the important concepts of quantity such as “less” and “more”. We use various counting manipulatives to introduce number operations such as addition and subtraction.

Your child will begin to read when she is ready. Our classroom is filled with high-quality children’s literature from a variety of genres and comfortable reading areas for your child to enjoy.

We have also incorporated Gifted & Talented / NNAT / OLSAT test preparation activities to prepare our Pre-K students for the exam in order to apply for admission to gifted and talented public school kindergarten programs.


please call for availability.

First hour of our program consists of tutoring and homework help. Our counselors give individual attention to your child in explaining problems and helping to build your child’s confidence. During the last hour, your child will work on enrichment projects designed by our counselors, often involving arts and crafts, science, math, reading, writing and friendly competition. Between the two segments, the kids are encouraged to read, with plenty of appropriate books provided.